Our certified technicians can perform many car air conditioning (AC) auto services from testing and regular maintenance to complete A/C system repair. At Odell Towing and Roadside’s repair center, we can check your vehicle’s system, quickly diagnose the problem and provide cost-effective repair solutions. We offer repair, service, replacement, recharge, compressor and more for entire automotive AC systems heating, cooling and air exhaust filters.

Car Air Conditioning Repair Inspection

Vehicle air conditioning repair can include a variety of tasks ranging from small to large-scale, from refrigerant levels to cooling fans. Everything from an annual inspection or performance check to diagnosis and replacement of system components can be completed by a qualified technician. Regular inspections help ensure cooling efficiency and identify possible refrigerant leaks. Additional services your vehicle might need include:

  • System fan level check
  • System PSI pressure reading to verify Freon level
  • Output temperature check
  • Blower fan and compressor examination to ensure proper operation
  • Belts and hoses inspection to discover indications of aging and potential failure
  • Diagnosis of possible problems with faulty switches, fuses, wiring, the condenser, or internal compressor seal failure

Car AC Recharge Service

While a car’s air conditioning system is sealed, leaks can still occur. When that happens you need an air conditioner recharge, which includes:

  • Recharging with additional refrigerant to bring pressure up to specifications
  • Introduction of fluorescent dye to visually reveal system leaks

A/C recharge services include everything from inspection to repair. So, if your A/C has developed problems and you would rather be cool than cooked, let the highly trained and experienced technicians at Odell Towing and Roadside have a look.

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The road shoulder is a dangerous, even deadly place and that’s where our tow truck operators often find themselves when helping stranded motorists.

Every year, tow truck operators here in Arkansas and around the country are hit and injured and sometimes killed when they’re working on the road shoulder. The other people stopped on the shoulder can be hurt, too.

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to pull over to give a lane of distance for an emergency vehicle, you’ll want to slow down first to allow you to safely move over.

  • When you are driving on any road, you must always remain alert and focus on the road ahead.
  • Keep an eye out ahead of you for stopped vehicles and tow trucks that are parked on the side of the road.
  • Slow down to between 10-20 mph less than the recommended speed limit, which will provide you with a safer speed to change lanes.
  • If changing lanes is not possible on the road, you’ll want to slow down as much as possible as you pass the vehicle and our operators.

Our operators have a passion for wanting to help others in need, but they also want to go home safely at the end of the day. So please help them and all emergency crews out by slowing down and moving over.

When Should You Call For a Tow Truck

Every car owner deals with vehicle maintenance that requires the expertise of a certified mechanic. There are circumstances when you can’t safely drive your car to a shop. In these cases, calling O’Dell Towing and Roadside is your best or only option.

Our tow trucks are built to carry and deliver inoperable vehicles of varying sizes to owner’s homes or auto shops for repair. We have rollback tow trucks, those with a long flatbed that can be lowered for use as a ramp and a wheel-lift tow truck that use a similar method for those smaller spaces.

In certain circumstances, tow trucks are necessary, particularly if you’re in need of roadside assistance. Here are 5 situations in which calling a tow truck is your best option.

1. Out of Gas

Though we all try to avoid it, sometimes you run out of gas. You don’t plan quite right, fail to notice the dashboard light , or perhaps the light or gauge is broken. Pulling over on the side of a roadway and leaving the car to go buy gasoline can be dangerous, especially if you’re far from a gas station.

As embarrassing as it may feel, calling us to bring you some fuel is necessary. Our tow truck drivers know how to safely take care of your out-of-fuel car.

2. In an Accident

If you’re ever in a collision and serious car damage ensues, call 911 and O’Dell Towing and Roadside. Even if you are not injured, do not try to drive away in a crumbling vehicle. Your car may no longer have operable brakes or fully-functioning systems that prevent the car from leaking oil, fuel, and other potentially flammable liquids or from cooling the engine properly.

3. Flat Tire

A flat tire can occur from poor tire maintenance, such as ignoring low tire pressure warnings and worn-out treads, or puncture from a sharp object. Many people know how to change a tire if they have a spare on-hand. However, should a tire give out on a busy highway, it may be safest to call O’Dell Towing and Roadside to safely and knowledgeably replace a flat tire for you. Our trucks are equipped with LED emergency signal beacons to help signal other motorists of the potential danger and carry the tools and equipment to perform the job faster than the typical tire iron your car comes with to help get you back on the road faster and safer.

4. Overheating and Other Breakdowns

A car can overheat from many different malfunctions within the car. Should you be driving and your engine overheats, it could lead to the car shutting down and coming to a complete stop. If this occurs while far away from your home or an auto shop, pulling over and calling a tow truck is the safest option.

Both well-maintained and neglected cars are prone to breakdowns. Those that happen suddenly and unexpectedly may have hard-to-find causes. These kinds of breakdowns tend to happen when you least expect it, like when driving for long stretches or running errands. A tow truck is the quickest option to get your car to a place where it can be properly inspected.

5. Car Won’t Start

A car that won’t start isn’t always a result of a dead battery. It’s a particularly irritating circumstance when you find yourself stuck after a trip to school, work, or the store. Should you be away from home when this occurs, you’ll want to call O’Dell Towing and Roadside to jump start your battery or to take your car to our automotive shop, to one of your choosing, or back to your house to await repair.

What to Do When Calling O’Dell Towing and Roadside

When calling us to rescue you and your out-of-commission car, make sure you pull safely to the side of the road first if you can. It is also smart to call your insurance company to report the issue. Some companies will reimburse the cost of the tow. Keep your receipt for personal cataloging and for your insurance company.

Our tow trucks can be immense lifesavers, no matter how inconvenient the circumstance that brought us. Our repair shop can repair your car, but not on the side of a busy highway so add our phone number to your phone or wherever you keep your car’s insurance contact in the vehicle. 501-278-4400

Things to Know About Roadside Assistance

While you may think you won’t use it, roadside assistance is a major benefit. There are some things in life you just can’t plan for. Running over a nail, a car that doesn’t start, or a sudden issue with the engine, breaks, or transmission. No matter how often you inspect your vehicle, there are some things that will just inevitably go wrong.

If you have roadside assistance, you’ll be able to have someone on the way to you quickly without having out of pocket expenses that you weren’t planning for.

What It Includes

Roadside assistance programs vary from one provider to another. While the most common options include tire change services, jump-starts, fuel delivery, lock outs, and towing, others offer additional services and options. You’ll want to read over what each plan provides to see what is available, as well as whether there are additional charges for certain services.

Research Is Key

Not all providers offer the same roadside assistance plans. Make sure you read what each plan offers, as well as what isn’t included. Don’t assume that every provider offers the same options, or that your insurance will cover it, as this could leave you paying out of pocket.

Towing Radius

It may seem like a small thing, but always check the towing radius. This is the number of miles that the service will tow your vehicle before charging you. Some only offer three to five miles before a fee per mile is added. If your home or favorite repair shop is further away than your coverage provides, you could be looking at some out of pocket expenses or having to take your vehicle to a closer repair shop.

But no matter what roadside assistance provider you choose, be sure to request O’Dell Towing and Roadside to be the company you want dispatched to take care of your roadside problems. We will always be there to help you when you need it most.