If you’re needing an honest Mechanic this is the place. I had a old 1999 Chevy k1500. This was one of the few places that actually took it in and got it running. This review is long over due, but these guys are the place to for any mechanic work. I’ve been to other places in Searcy that were dishonest, but these guys weren’t. Gave me a fair price and went above and beyond getting it back up and running. They care and they care about getting the job done the right way. It’s a smaller shop, but these are the guys to go to
I used Odell's Towing to tow my classic 1970 MGB Roadster to an auto repair facility. The driver was very professional and took extreme care and caution handling my pristine and very sentimental British convertible. He treated it like a baby and it was very pleasing to have someone show that kind of respect for another's property. Would highly recommend to all!
O'Dell Towing's driver went out of his way to make sure I was safely back on the road. He came analyzed the damage and quickly began to set up his safety cones. Once we were both safe he went ahead and started by changing my tire. Then he pulled me out with the winch. He went as far as to use his expertise to inspect my vehicle to make sure I would be safe to drive. He’s a good worker but most important, he’s a great person who cared about my experience and safety.
The driver was very prompt and courteous. I was expecting over an hour wait and he called within a few minutes and was to me and had my car gassed and going in about 10 minutes or less. I would definitely recommend this company and will use them in the future! Thank you!
The driver was excellent. He was there to help me in a flash and was very quick to get the tires changed over. He was kind and very knowledgeable and I was so relieved he came as quickly as he did so I could get home and get some sleep after working all night.
They came and towed my ‘89 mustang and did so in a quick and safe manner. I never like having my car towed due to it having a newer paint job and being a classic car but the driver was confident and explained some things that made me feel better about the tow