Motorcycle TOWING

What is the worst thing that can happen when you are driving your motorcycle around central Arkansas? It turns out there are a lot. You can experience flat tires, your battery can die, your lights get busted, etc. Most of these can result in one thing: a motorcycle that doesn’t work anymore. Not all car towing service providers have the needed equipment to offer professional towing services for motorcycles. At O’Dell Towing and Roadside, we will send a flatbed truck equipped with a motorcycle dolly to cradle the front tire and secure your bike to the flatbed.

  • Well equipped using the latest in industry standards
  • Swift response times
  • Trust your vehicle to qualified professionals.
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Flatbed towing is not only popular for cars, but it is also popular for motorcycles too. Our flatbed will carry the whole motorcycle secured in place on a specially designed motorcycle dolly with towing straps. This is the best choice for motorcycles because of the security and safety it provides.